A circus lion touched the grass with his paws for the first time after 13 years, his reaction was priceless.

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Nothing is harder than keeping an animal locked in cage, and kept away from their nature that they were supposed to live in. We find that some wild animals are taken to the circus and there they live horrible lives and some of them face horrible ways of abuse, they pay their freedom just to entertain people, and you don’t know how much pain they got through just to entertain you.

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In this amazing video, you will see this amazing lion that sadly spent 13 years old living and performing in a traveling circus in Brazil. It was a life full of pain and neglect. The lion was in the cage most of the times, he never went to the forest, and he never ran on the grass, he never ran freely like he was supposed to, he didn’t have the chance to live with his instincts.

The lion lived for 13 years in a tiny cage, but thankfully, it was the time for the rescue. The lion was rescued, and after the rescue, they went to the Rancho dos Gnomos animal sanctuary in Brazil. When the lion arrived there, it was time for his paws of touch the grass and run freely, for the first time. The rescuers decided to catch this moment on camera, and we are very thankful for them that they gave us that chance to something like this. When he was freed from the cage and his paws touched the grass, his amazing personality shone. The lion kept on running and crawling all over the place, he was very happy with the freedom that he finally got.

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This video was known to be filmed on 2006, the lion lived for about 5 years safely and happily in the sanctuary, but sadly he passed away, this video is keeping his memory, and what is amazing about it is that the lion lived his last years happy and free.