A Comparison between dogs’ photos from 1915 and now, showing the truth of Pure breed!

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Have you ever thought about whether or not the different breeds of dogs look the same way they did hundreds of years ago? This article will give you some answers. In these pictures you will see the older images of the different dog breeds on the left in black and white, they are from the 1915 book, ‘Breeds of All Nations‘, compared to those images of the modern versions of the these breeds. This comparison will surprise you a lot. Those pictures will show you the truth of purebred dogs. The photos are including pugs, Saint Bernard, boxers, German shepherd dogs and more. You will be a little shocked by how much some of them changed and are different in their shapes. Those pictures show the other side of dogs breeding. The message we can get from all these pictures is that the truth of breeding is shown here, this is the true face of dog breeding, and this will make you think, or give yourself a reason why you should always adopt rather than buy a purebred dog.

There are hundreds of dogs breeds surrounding us for thousands of years, so many dogs breeds were around for a very long time, they are not only new in these days. Every dog breed is simple in their looks, their temper, their sizes, their raising specialties, their needs, and a way of training. It gets different in what they eat and what they don’t, the things you will train your dog on is different from one dog to another. Simply not every breed is like the other, and that is the reason why you will have to choose carefully, because it’s ruled by your abilities, your time, and the place you are living in.

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