A couple made their dog their wedding Videographer, using a GoPro camera. The results are stunning!


We all consider our dogs as part of the family, so we want to include them in every single life event we experience, particularly, special ceremonies. That’s why Marshall and Addie decided to have Ryder, their dog, one of the videographers on their wedding day. We include our dogs in occasions like Thanksgivings, Christmases or Birthdays, but making them our personal videographers is really unique and one of kindest things to do. I have heard that some dog lovers made their dogs part of the wedding entourage.


Instead of being part of the entourage, Marshall and Addie were curious enough to know what their special moments looked like from Ryder’s perspective, thus they made her the videographer. They attached a GoPro camera on their dog so she could film the wedding from her perspective, and the result was magical! There isn’t a more special occasion than weddings.  This beautiful celebration is about love and two devoted hearts tying the knot.

Ryder was the perfect family member to be the videographer because she is right in the heart of the action; the bride getting ready, the photo shoot in the middle of a beautiful snow-filled forest, and the reception afterwards.

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I really enjoyed watching this video, I was overwhelmed with emotions. It’s very special and unique, I’m speechless! This is a must see video! It is a remarkable memory that will never fade away, this will last until the end and no matter what happens, no one can ever forget this special wedding ceremony; Ryder made it even more special.

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