A Couple Refuses To Let Go Of Their Dogs During Flash Flood In Japan, You Won’t Believe The End

9-13-2015 12-27-54 PM

Natural disasters, mostly in situations like this, are hard moments that some people forget about their pets, forgetting to rescue them. What this woman and the man did to their dogs was something that will leave you speechless. It all started in the city of Joso in Tokyo, Japan, sadly the city was hit by a flash flood, it happened after the Kinugawa River burst its banks, which caused a disaster.

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Immediately, rescue teams started their mission to rescue people from the disaster, people stood on their rooftops waiting for the rescue, but this man was a different case, he was found with his dog on the rooftop of his house, he was holding his dog tightly, another woman was on the same rooftop but she had a puppy, both of the man and the woman are an example for loyalty, they refused to leave their four legged friends under any circumstances. They were not sure that they will be rescued, they could have died in any moment, but despite all of this, they refused to give up on their dogs no matter what.

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The man and the woman are real heroes, they are very loyal to their pets, in the time that people were doing their best to save their belongings,those owners didn’t want anything else but their pets. Thankfully the rescue was not late, the man was saved with his dog, and the woman was saved with her beloved puppy.

Lots of people only think about making ways for themselves to survive, forgetting about their pets, so they become the victims of those natural disasters. The video is so heartwarming, showing an amazing survival for both owners with their pets. Watch it and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.