A cow hid her calf away from the farmer, the reason is heartbreaking.

The mother instinct in all animals is very strong, and it’s actually mesmerizing. It’s very heartwarming to see animals being mothers, cuddling their babies and feeding them.

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Taking care of them, and they do notice if one of them is gone. That’s why it’s call the instinct. Here we have an animal that did just the strangest thing to her baby so it wouldn’t leave her like all the other ones. This story will break your heart, as humans, we all know how it feels if your baby is taken away from you, now this animal does too.

Meet Clarabelle, the mother cow. Clarabelle was one cow that the farmer took all her calves whenever they are born, and as it seems, she hated it and it broke her heart. So when her calf Valentine was born, the farmer did not know until after a few days from the birth of the calf. The farmer discovered that Clarabelle the cow keeps hiding Valentine the calf in the bushes so no one would find him. How heartbreaking is that? Thankfully, the farmer decided to not take the calf away, they can live happily together, as a mother and a son.

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You can see in the video how the calf and the mother cow are walking side by side, licking one another, and the calf is feeding from his mother. It’s all definitely adorable, thank god the farmer decided to keep the calf with his mother.

It’s very heartbreaking, and we should always think of the animals before doing something or taking away their babies.

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Watch the calf and his cow mother living their lives in the farm, and see where the cow hid the calf, and if you liked the video, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.