A cute argument between an owner and his bulldog puppy.

A cute argument between an owner and his bulldog puppy.

This cute puppy is the cutest ever; it will melt your heart, especially when you will be surprised when you know that the video is about a simple argument with the bulldog puppy and his owner, and the reason was when this bull dog started biting things, and cutting so many wires, and this is because the little bulldog puppy is teething. The owner of the bulldog puppy tried his best to stop his dog from biting things; they already created safe things for him to bite. So the argument started, after the owner stopped him from biting the sofa, the bulldog puppy started to argue with his owner like he is saying “Why are you not letting me do what I want?” He is adorable.

But as always, viewers on YouTube have their own point of view, lots of viewers were against the owner, they thought that he was slapping the bulldog puppy which is not right at all, it is completely wrong, he was just trying to stop him. The owner loves his bulldog puppy very much but it’s essential to teach the puppy some lessons so that they behave well, same as parents do with their kids.

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Raising a bulldog puppy is a magical thing, seeing them exploring life for the first time is the sweetest thing ever. Bulldogs can’t get any cuter; they are one of the most amazing breeds. Bulldogs are well-known with the sweetest and gentle dogs, and it’s completely true, they are kind and loving. A Bulldog is known for how much he loves kids. You have to care about your bulldog’s food, and what he is eating, you have to know that if they got the chance to eat more, they will, that’s why gaining weight is very easy for bulldogs so you have to take care of it.