A Cute bulldog leaf blower, see what happened


Although they are silly, but Bulldogs can be the cutest pet you have seen ever. When you have hot day, of course there is nothing more beautiful than getting a little bit of air, imagine you are out with your bulldog with you. It might feel him refreshed; this bulldog doesn’t get enough on getting huge wind on its lips from the leaf blower, He is so excited and obsessed with leaf blowers, there is nothing more beautiful than this fresh air that beats your lips in the wind. Or it may the bulldog habit that they can’t endure the humidity and heat.


Bulldog can be depressed and lazy in hot days, so some people fill play kiddy pools with water and put them there while they are inside the house. Although they are too lazy dog breed, it is necessary to go for walk for them to keep healthy weight and fit. Also this breed is so sensitive for cold weather. They love to eat as they are greedy eaters; also they are housedogs, so it isn’t recommended to leave them for long time alone in the house.


This dog express his happiness in funnily way. He is simply crazy playing with the leaf blower, it feel him good when his lips flops inside and out. The strong stream of the leaf blower makes its extra skin come face to face what makes him so excited and the happiest bulldog you can see. Did you try this before with your pet, if yes; tell us what happened for him\her, did he\she enjoy it? If no can you tell us how did he\she express his feeling? If you didn’t try this before what you are waiting for, let’s have a new experience with your pet and try to refresh it and tell us what happened for him\her.