A cute cat doing her best to catch the camera.

2-21-2015 4-49-10 PM

It seems that cats are not camera friendly; sometimes cameras are the only enemies for the cat. Meet Meemersworth, this cat is having endless enmity with that camera; the cat’s owner is holding the camera to capture some photos, but how the cat reacted to that was totally hilarious, the owner was so surprised that she recorded this funny video. The cat wanted to attack that camera that keeps following her, the cat was chasing it and following it, and when it comes to that suitable moment, she attacked it, and the cat was like saying “Tell me why you are following me!” What a cutie, this cat made my day; I can’t stop laughing while watching her chasing the camera.

Despite it all, this cat is so cute, I feel like I want to get through the screen and play with her, what an adorable little face. This cute one is looking like an angel.

2-21-2015 4-49-48 PM

Cats are nice as you can see here, they love to greet everyone around, they are very friendly and cute, and they are the funniest pets. So you are very lucky to own a cute cat like this, especially if loves to chase the camera like that. But you must know that there are many facts hidden in their life that you will be very amazed by. They can hear very strongly, they hear 8 times stronger than us, they can hear the ultra-sonic sounds which dolphins make to communicate, they also hear stronger than dogs do. There are so many breeds of cats, like Persian cats, Bangle cats and Sphynx cats.

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So how does your cat react like when you try to record some of her adventures? Watch this funny video below, and if you find it cute, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.