A cute dog enjoying the Massage


A special bath or a visit to a spa is a sign of luxury and welfare those days, and some dogs think it’s their right to have some relaxation baths, they like to feel the luxury too, it feels like a royal treatment. That dog is lying down in the bath tub and is feeling so relaxed, with a perfect massage. It must be feeling like it is dog heaven to him. It’s well known that dogs love water so much and really enjoy swimming. Some of YouTube viewers commented on this video, as they noticed that it was captured in Japan, so they said that the truth behind bathing the dogs so they would eat them, but I think that dogs in farms in Asia do not bath them! Dogs are treated horribly in the dogs’ farms, so no time to be spoiled.

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For your information, it’s better to shower your dog a lot. There is no definitive answer for that but not less than once every three months, in addition of your daily cleaning and caring. We think it’s a new brilliant idea to make a special spa for dogs.

In fact, dogs’ bath is the most horrible time ever. The most common mistake an owner can do with their dogs is saying that it’s bathing time, once they will know, they will start running. So it’s better to get a treat for them in the bathroom so they can associate bathing with food, which will make it a lot easier.

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