A cute ferret falls asleep on her owner’s lap!

A cute ferret falls asleep on her owner's lap!

OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing after watching this. Actually, it is not like what it seemed to be, you will think that it’s a cute video but it turned out to be the funniest of all. It seems that this adorable ferret is ready for a nap, and the best place to sleep in is her owners’ lap. The ferret slept comfortably on her owner lap, the ferret was sleeping really deeply. What happened next was absolutely hilarious, the ferret started to slide slowly from the girl’s lap, the way she fell asleep was very dramatic, this 14 seconds video had made me laugh to the max. I think you will play it more than one time.

Ferrets are very cute animals, they have another name which is Mustela, and they have so many colors like black, white or brown or maybe mixed colors. Their life span is about 8 years; but some was known to live till 12 years old. The weirdest thing is that they need about 14-18 hours of sleeping. Baby ferrets are called kits, they are born with a white fur, and you won’t believe this, the baby ferrets are small enough to fit a teaspoon! It’s totally unbelievable. They love to jump and play around, they are not afraid of humans.

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