A cute playful sea lion going back and forth because of this GIRL!

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How cute! This sea lion is adorable and friendly; what she did here is incredibly amazing and cute. In St. Louis Zoo, this young lady and her little girl are playing a very funny game with the sea lion, both of them are chasing the sea lion and playing with her, and surprisingly, the sea lion interacted amazingly with them, it’s going back and forth. What I like most about this video is how the little girl was feeling very happy and she was not afraid of the sea lion, actually some kids in this age get afraid of animals, but the little girl was very playful, thanks to her mother who showed her that it’s an amazing thing to play with sea lions. I couldn’t stop smiling while watching this, this video simple made my day.

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What do you know about sea lions? Here we will help you to know some more. First, sea lions’ real name is Pinniped, they use their flippers to walk with them on land, while flipping them forward, and they pull their bodies using their flippers. They have a thick coat of blubber combined with a thick coat of fur, which protects them from the cold. Their eyes are big and round that they help them to see well under water and out of it. Sea lions have a good sense of smelling and hearing, inside and outside of the water. Sea lions are able to hold their breath for a long time using the oxygen stored inside of them.

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