A cute puppy falls asleep during his first bath.

6-26-2015 1-51-08 AM

Do you remember the first bath that your dog had, it’s cute. Yes we know that they are cute in every situation no matter what they are doing, but when it comes to bath time, they become more and more cute. Now you are about to meet a cutie pie, he is getting his first bath, but what he did while his owner was bathing him was indescribable, it will make you go “aww”. The puppy fell asleep on his owner’s hand while she was bathing him, is it believable? It seems that the puppy found it relaxing, so he decided that it’s a good time to have a nap. Look at his sweet little eyes; he opens them slightly in an adorable way. It seems that this puppy will love the bath time forever, what a lucky owner.

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if you are a new dog owner and you want the bath mission to be simple and easy, prepare the place you will bath the dog in, then brush the dog, choose a good and suitable shampoo for your dog, wet your dog well then apply the shampoo, massage the shampoo all over the dog’s body, use your thumbs and finger tips for the best results, and after that, wash the dog gradually, starting from the head then the rest of the dog’s body, make sure you wash them well and that there aren’t any shampoo leftovers. Get a big towel and cover the body of the dog, and start rubbing to dry your dog, make sure that he will sit in a warm place to avoid getting cold. If your dog doesn’t like to bath, just prepare some treats, and offer it to your dog while you are bathing him. Now it’s done and your dog is clean.

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