A cute puppy playing in the snow for the first time

He’s so hilarious, it's a cuteness overload

The first snowfall is always magical, not only for us, but also for our dogs. This little puppy in the video is having the time of his life, it’s his first snowfall to attend, it’s very heartwarming to watch how this cute puppy is playing in snow for the first time. At first, the little puppy was confused, like he was wondering what these white things are doing surrounding everything, but then he got used to it, and it was the most amazing playful time. The little puppy had gone crazy, and it will brighten your day. The owners of the puppy put a red sweater on him to protect him from the cold. The little puppy is having so much fun.

Before going for a walk with your dog in this snowy weather, you have to make sure that your dog is warmed up. All you need for your dog is to let him wear a sweater to protect from cold, but make sure that your dog’s breed is in need for this, because not all dogs get cold. There are many dogs like Husky dogs and others that can hold on the cold weather because they have a thick coat, already they can’t live in hot places. Also before your dog walks on snow, let him wear boots to protect their paws from snow.

I noticed that the puppy was very tiny to hold on this cold weather, people must choose their dog breed according to the weather of the place they live in, some dogs can’t hold on cold weather, also some other dogs can’t hold on hot weather like husky dogs, it can be your first choice if you are living in a low temperature country.

Watch this cute little puppy and if you find it funny, share it with your family and friends.

1-26-2015 10-30-19 PM