A Devastated Dog Mother Is Reunited With Her Puppies. Watch Her Amazing Reaction.


In December, 2015, a Canadian animal rescue K9 Crusaders brought a dog and named it Noelle. The poor dog was found abandoned; she suffered a painful past.  She came from a high kill shelter where she was surrendered to by a person who pretended he found her as a stray dog.

“She had obviously been feeding her babies, but nobody had been feeding her,” K9 Crusaders expressed on Facebook. Now Noelle has been taken to a safe place.


Hence, “Operation Christmas Wish” started. K9 Crusaders bonded together with other local animal heroes to track down Noelle’s puppies.

 “On December 7th, Noelle’s profile came to us from a QC gas pound where she had been surrendered by someone who claimed to have found her as a stray. She was fully engorged and still producing milk and it was obvious this poor Mama had clearly been ripped away from her babies in a big hurry. She was so distraught, her haunting eyes and sad plight left very few unbroken hearts among those of us who read her story.


She arrived to us the following day and she was skin on bones…weighing in at just over 30lbs, at least 15-20 lbs shy of a healthy weight, and every single rib was easily visible. She had obviously been feeding her babies, but nobody had been feeding her.”


Thanks to every kind volunteer, Noelle and her puppies are reunited again.

Scroll down for to see this amazing feeling of family-hood!

The big sweet family includes the proud momma, Noelle, and her eight cute little puppies: Annabelle, Mia, Oliver, Leia, Jake, Caro, Joey and Holly. The family is Shar Pei/American Bully mixes!

Thanks to the rescuers, the family is reunited again. Please share this adorable story with your family and friends!

H/T: K9 Crusaders / K9 Crusaders on Facebook