A Devastated Horse Walks Into Her Trailer, What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart

During the Hampshire Rescue Case of 2014 there were 75 horses found abandoned.  A heartbreaking situation due to the horrible conditions they were living in.

These adorable 75 horses were totally neglected, scared and waiting for some miracle to happen and save them from the hell they have been through!

30 of these horses were confined to stalls with no exercise or interaction. The rest of them, 45 horses, were left outside in bad shape paddocks with insufficient shelter and lack of any handling.

Sadly, all of the horses were emaciated, heartbroken, and barely surviving!

But when The Hooved Animal Rescue and Protection Society (HARPS) in Barrington, Illinois came to the scene, they shone shimmers of hope on all the animals.  The events took a happy turn of events.

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Donna Ewing, the founder and president of The Hooved Animal Rescue and Protection Society (HARPS) devoted her life and vowed to offer these 75 heartbroken horses a brand new beginning by finding them forever homes which they needed the most!

With the help of Hands and Hooves of Chicago, HARPS set off on its incredible mission to save all 75 horses before they were sent to slaughter.  They only had weeks to do so.

In October 2014, the animal rescuers set out to a call potential adopters in their extraordinary attempt to find these gorgeous animals the homes they really need.

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The animal rescuers spread the story of these 75 gorgeous horses by both local and national news outlets.

Do you think they managed to find forever homes for all of the 75 horses?

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