A dog adopted a panther cub; it couldn’t be more amazing than this.

A dog adopted a panther cub; it couldn't be more amazing than this.

It’s adorable to watch any moment of the dog’s mother hood, its very kind and deep, you will be totally surprised by their kindness, not even for their puppies, but for any young or tiny creature around. You will see in this video, some of the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s puppies with their dog mother, they have a new sibling who will be a member in their small family, their dog mother had adopted him, it’s a cute little panther cub. After watching this video, you will feel these heartwarming moments of mother hood, the dog is licking the panther cub and caring for him, he also feed from her, the way he is feeding is adorable and stunning; nothing can be cuter than this. The mother played her role for this panther cub like her puppies, she has no differences, and you can see how she kisses him and love him. It also seems that the family is happy, the panther cub is good to his siblings, they play together and love each other, and I wonder what this cub will act with them when he is all grown up. I think that the strong bond is created; they will remain as a happy family forever.

Panther is a large member of the cat family; he is mostly black, and brown. Panthers live in the forests of Africa and Asia, their size is about 1.1 m to 1.9 m, and weigh about 36 kg to 160 kg. They are a very fast animals, their speed is about 71 mph. Their life span is about 12 to 15 years. They feed on hunting; mostly they hunt at night than during the day.

Watch this amazing story of the panther cub, and don’t let any of your friends and family miss this adorable story.