A dog and his horse friend are playing TUG, super funny!


Dogs always set friendship basis between lots of animals, cats and maybe even horses. This very funny video shows a dog and a baby horse playing tug. The dog has what looks like a t-shirt that he and the horse play with.  They run around the corral and banter back and forth. Then the dog kept on running and never let the horse catch the t-shirt.  It is funny watching the interaction between the two animals. The dog seemed to be very happy, he is feeling like he is a winner, like he is saying to the horse “I am tugging a t-shirt, I bet you to take it” They are obviously the best of friends and have played together before. It’s definitely worth the time to watch the short video.  The video was uploaded on YouTube, it gained lots of success with 2.2 million views, and the entire viewers admitted that the dog is a smile maker.

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The question here is, are dogs the fastest animals in the world? The answer is no, not between all the animals but they are very fast, their speed is according to their breed and weight, some breeds are not the fastest at all, but dogs are faster than many animals, but the fastest dog of all is the greyhound with speed of 45mph, they are the fastest breed. If we asked another question like who is faster? A dog or a horse? You will find that the answer is the normal horse’s speed can reach 55mph. That means horses are faster than dogs.

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