A dog and his owner are reunited after a year and half, it’s amazing!


Every day we hear a story about dogs that constantly get abused or stolen, and it’s heartbreaking. People are so heartless nowadays, stealing dogs to get money, and who knows what else. It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear a new story everyday about another dog that has been abused or abandoned by his owner, or just stolen, leaving his owner heartbroken and hopeless. But as always, we should never lose hope, because one day, we will get back what we once lost, somehow and someday.

This is what happened to David Brower and his dog, after his dog got stolen from his yard, he lost hope after never finding him again, at least not until he did, after a year and a half.


When David knew that all hope was lost, he decided to search for a new companion. It seems that David loves dogs a lot, which is an amazing thing. But what happened while he was searching is incredible. While he was searching on the Claresholm Rescue Society website in Alberta, Canada, he was stunned to see a familiar picture. He saw his dog’s photo, which his name is Dozer, and David couldn’t have been happier.

When Dozer was found by the CRS, he was found to be wandering around a farm two hours away from his home.

David tried to react as fast as possible, so he called his dad that lives close to the shelter that Dozer is in, and he waited for his dad to confirm that it’s his long lost buddy.

To confirm that it is in fact Dozer, David’s long lost German Shepherd buddy, David told his dad about an old trick that he used to teach Dozer. David said that one of the things he taught to Dozer was when he would snap his fingers, Dozer would go on his right side, and wait for a second command.


And when David’s dad snapped his finger, Dozer did just as he was taught, and it brought everyone to tears.

Now Dozer the dog and his owner are reunited and the reunion is just as heartwarming as any other reunion. We are glad that they are reunited, and we hope they would be forever as happy.

(via The Blaze)