A dog asking his cat friend for more love, nothing cuter than this

12-23-2014 12-14-24 PM

As always, dogs and cats amaze us with their friendship. A dog and a cat can be best buddies. They are seriously adorable; we don’t know any basics of the bond that is between them, but whatever it is, this bond is perfect in every single way. There is no enmity between dogs and cats, they are the best companions. It’s normal to see a dog who is asking his owner for more love and care, for some warm cuddles and more petting, but what you will see here is incredible and not normal at all. This dog and his cat friend have a very strong bond between both of them. They are very beautiful together, and what the dog is doing is the most stunning thing of all. The dog asks the cat friend for more love each time she stopped. When you press the play button you will see that the cat is petting her dog friend by licking him, it’s the cutest thing ever to watch, but the cuter thing to see is that the dog is in need for more. It’s very heartwarming to see this; this video made my day.

There is a strong bond between cats and dogs; it’s absolutely adorable, it’s hidden between all the rumors which say that they are enemies. This story proves that they are more than best friends. Thousands of videos proved to us that any dog and cat can be best buddies. We don’t know any basics of the bond that is between them, any dog or cat could normally live in one place, and this bond is perfect in every single way. It’s very easy to build a strong relation between any dog and cat, all you need is patience and love, and you will find that a special friendship had been created