A dog ate a rice crispy weed cake, and it had the worst effect on him.


Loki the dog ate a rice crispy weed cake, and it might have tasted nice or smelled nice, but the effect it had on Loki the Siberian husky was definitely not nice.

Loki the dog’s owner saying that he had his friends over, and after they left, he and his roommate were watching TV when they noticed the dog; he says that his roommate flipped out when he saw Loki. As it seems, Loki loves going through everything, he is a snoopy dog, so after investigating what could have happened to him, they found out that he ate from the rice crispy weed cake a friend of his owner had, and that cake was filled with marijuana.

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Quickly, they contacted all the vets they knew, and thankfully, the vet told them that it’s just a matter of time till he gets back to normal, he will be okay. The dog, however, looked totally not okay. As you will see in the video, Loki the dog was totally out of his mind, he doesn’t move, and he doesn’t even flinch. His tongue was out of his mouth, and he was staring off to space, it was as if he was a dog doll. Loki’s owner took his tongue and put it in his mouth by himself, and he kept telling him to puke.

Now there has been a lot of controversy around this video, people said how irresponsible Loki’s owner is. But let’s be honest here, we all face those mistakes. Yes, he should have been more careful about where his dog is and what he is doing, but what happened happened, and you will see in the video how his owner was so worried and he kept on hugging him and rubbing his back. The owner obviously cares, and he regrets not keeping a careful eye on his owner.

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The owner said that they kept an eye on him for the next 20 hours, and the next morning, he was still high but he at least could walk, and by the same day’s evening, he was back to his normal state of mind. However, he still didn’t learn the lesson, and he kept on going through things.