A dog dies after drinking from a puddle..

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Dogs really don’t mind where they drink, muddy streets and sidewalks or even toilet bowls, but drinking from puddles in particular poses serious health problems. This problem might face city streets or rural areas. Puddles contaminate anti-freeze, ice melt, fuel, insecticide, fertilizer, animal feces, bacteria from many sources and the chemicals are the main concern in cold weather.

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Infections can be present obvious symptoms, or no symptoms at all, but when signs are present, the most common one we see are large volumes of watery feces, oftentimes with blood and mucus. Weight loss, decreased appetite and vomiting can occur as well.

This dirty water can have other things that can be harmful to your dog or in worse cases catch a deadly disease like the dog in the following story.

Sherri Monaco, a Florida resident and dog owner was recently shocked when she learned that her dog had caught a deadly disease from the canal near her home. She noticed that her dog, Ninja, wasn’t eating, she had yellow eyes and jaundice in her teeth. She rushed to the vet and she was told that her dog had Leptospirosis (Lepto).  This was devistating to Sherri; she was shocked!


She was devastated when she realized she would have to put her beloved dog down and says that she plans on vaccinating her other dogs against the deadly disease.
Leptospirosis bacterium is a serious disease amongst dogs and people caused by the leptospira bacterium. This disease is carried in the bodies of livestock and wild animals. Dogs typically become infected when they drink from puddles, rivers, streams, and ponds that become contaminated by the urine of infected animals.

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