A dog dressed up as a girl and walked in the streets, unbelievable.


This is the most hilarious video that I’ve watched today, like how they did that? It’s really unbelievable. If you are walking normally in the street and you have just watched this thing walking to you, you will be sure that it’s a little girl walking behind her father, but when you focus on the legs, the face, you will discover the unbelievable truth. It’s a dog!!

What is happening here is incredibly amazing, it’s a real dog dressing in a girl’s uniform, is he going to school? Seriously, it’s just adorable, the way that dog walks, the way he looks around. He is wearing a skirt, a t-shirt, a little backpack, and an adorable icecap, it’s hilarious, and before all, how is he walking just like this on his 2 legs only?

But actually there are lots of mixed feelings here; is it really a funny thing or it’s categorized under animal cruelty? Why the owner dressed up his dog like this and let him walk on his legs? Is it really qualified as animal cruelty? It’s not possible that this dog had dressed up like this by herself? So what’s the real reason? Is it a new trick?

I think that letting your dog walk on two legs only is an act of cruelty, because walking on them for too long time makes damage in the back legs. Dogs are made to use their 4 legs, using two in some acts or tricks, but not for this long walk.

There is a dog that was recorded in one of the world records books, the dog named Jiff; he is the fastest dog to run on his back legs. He had walked on his back legs for a long distance faster than any other dog, he ran for 5 and 10 meter distance under 10 seconds.