A dog found homeless, full of wounds. It’s horrible, but the end is worth everything.

 A dog found homeless, full of wounds. It's horrible, but the end is worth everything.

It’s one of the best rescues; it’s the rescue of TJ, the stray dog that was left in the streets. One day, the J.J. Woofin’ Paws Rescue Agency was alerted about a dog who was living in street and unable to move, the dog is homeless and living for months in the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. When they found TJ, they were shocked, he was in the worst shape you can imagine, dirty and full of fleas and his leg was broken due to a car accident, he was hit by a car and was left to face his pain all alone! He also had lots of mange and wounds all over his body. The volunteers took the dog immediately to the vet, were he took his first bath, and a clean place to stay, also his first chewing bone to play with. Later, the dog was moved to Los Angeles, they are doing their best to fix his broken leg. Surprisingly, when they made the x-ray, the discovered something that totally shocked them. Sadly, TJ is having a rare form of cancer, so they started the chemotherapy. Every day they hoped for TJ the dog to get over all of these things and face all the difficulties. The first chemotherapy was very painful, so they muzzled him.

The amazing transformation took its place, every day the dog becomes more playful and happier, you can see hope in his eyes, his loving personality shines through. Within 4 weeks, the dog was Cancer Free, and his legs were doing great, he was very happy in his first walk, he was like seeing the world for the first time. Thankfully, TJ is now adopted; he finally found his forever home.

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