A dog incredibly comes back from death

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Without any plans of moving ever again, Jerry just collapsed suffering from his critical injury alone in a shop basement. Fortunately, someone came to him and rescued him back to life.

Animal Aid Unlimited, an Indian rescue group, got a call about a dog who was in desperate need for their help. Jerry’s head was wounded badly. When the pessimistic dog gave up, he lay there hopelessly, bugs infested his wound. Infact, poor Jerry was slowly dying.

Jerry was lying on the floor in that basement completely defeated, until his rescuer shone a light on him.

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At first, Jerry was lying there motionless; he seemed to be unsure of what is happening. Then, he lifted his head to check if it is the last hope.

Jerry’s life was about to end in silence at that basement, his head injury was alarming, he was so luckily rescued just in time.

The Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers gave Jerry a treat after he gave them his trust; he knew they were his last chance for survival. Nine weeks after the rescue mission, his insane wound healed.

Fortunately, Jerry was not left to die in the shop’s basement, he was about to pass away because of his severe head injury, if not saved in time. Now, instead, Jerry is enjoying his second chance of life; and he passionately loves every moment of it. “Luckily for him, we found him just in time” said the rescuers.

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Warning: video includes graphic images of the dog’s severe injuries that may be disturbing to some viewers.