A dog is completely stoned up because of the cone of shame.

12-15-2014 11-47-58 PM

It seems that this dog is wearing a head cone for the first time in his life, and it’s obvious that this dog was in a visit for the vet, because actually, this is how dogs look like when they go to the vet. I am totally amazed and surprised by his reaction. When his owner took him back home and he started to talk to him, the dog was completely stoned, he hasn’t move a limb backward or forward, he didn’t reply for his owner’s calls, the dog was completely stoned, like he is drugged up. He is absolutely funny that you won’t stop laughing on what he did. Watch the video below and share it with your family and friends.

Many situations need to bring a plastic cone to your dog, it’s hard that your dog feel really comforted while wearing the con, but you can make it happen and help your dog to get used to it. So here we will tell you how. First it must fit; you have to make this cone perfectly fit to your dog size, so take the sizes needed before bringing a cone to your dog. Introduce it to your dog slowly, if your dog is about to have a surgery, it will be good if you let the dog try wearing it before, and give him a treat, so when he will wear the cone of shame later, he will relate it with treats. And if you don’t have time before the surgery, after you let him wear the cone, give him treats, so the dog will understand that the cone is a good thing, not a punishment. The cone may affect the movement of the dog so hide anything that can harm the dog or hit him. It needs lots of work and patience to help your dog to deal with the cone of shame.