A dog lick a day, keeps the doctor away.


Well, who hates dogs’ licking? Who hates to feel the puppy love and miss the shower of kisses? And of course you heard someone who said before that dog’s saliva is full of bacteria, but read this article and share it with all who tells you this! Now we are about to have a scientific evidence that simply proves that they are very good for your health. So if you are a dog lick addict, be happy, it’s a very healthy thing.

A study was made at the University of Arizona by the lead of professor of psychiatry Dr. Charles Raison on the dog saliva, and what they found was very surprising, they discovered that the dog saliva can minimize allergic reactions, sneezing, itching, and some other immune responses. Dr. Charles said that the dog’s saliva or simply the dog’s kisses to their owners, can act as a probiotic that effects the humans’ immune health. The study will include an experiment on several dog owners between the ages of 50 and 60, for 12 weeks. In this experiment and during the 12 weeks, they will measure each person’s immune response.


“As every dog owner knows, dogs love to lick everything around them, so they spread this bacteria everywhere around them, and actually, they do that more than cats do.

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So, go now and enjoy the shower of kisses that your dog gives you. Read this article and don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.