A dog lost her eyes sight, what her brothers did for her is priceless


Dogs senses are helping them in the basic things in their life, they have a strong eye sight, a strong smelling sense and also a strong hearing sense, some dogs sadly lose one of their senses and that makes it very hard for them to live normally, like what happened to this dog who’s named Kiaya, a 10 years old Akita dog who sadly has lost both of her eyes, it was very hard for her to communicate, to live normally, to lose one of the most important senses that dogs have. But at the same time, Akita has amazing brothers that support her.


It was hard on Kiaya to deal with life after she lost her eyesight, but it was a lot easier by the help of her brothers, what they did for her is amazing, they were like they appointed themselves her seeing eyes that she lost.


It all started when Kiaya’s removed her left eye, it was when Kiaya was only 8 years old, and she was dealing with her disability. But when it was time to remove the other eye, it was very hard, it was hard to handle on her own, and she was in special need for help. Kiaya’s owner was amazed by how her brothers Cass and Keller were trying to help their sister and protect her, they were walking beside her when she walks, they were grooming her, they were also letting her eat first before them, and they don’t eat till they made sure she is done.


Isn’t it inspiring? It’s amazing how the two other dogs are loyal to their sister and it’s very kind of them how they are taking care of her. It’s a great story that should be told. If you find this story inspiring, share it with your family and friends.

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