A Dog Shakes Rescuer’s HandAfter Being Rescued

10-24-2015 5-59-48 PM

We all know about the annual Yulin dog meat festival that happened in China, it’s heartbreaking, especially when you know that up to 10 million dogs are believed to be killed in China every year, they are killed for their meat, and the Yulin festival includes 10,000 dogs for the event.

Once this image was published, it went viral all over the world, and people were so heartbroken because of it. The photo showed a dog who was handshaking a rescuer. This amazing moment was captured during a rescue mission that was planned by the China Animal Protection Power (CAPP), The Humane Society International was a part of this rescue, and the dogs were stuck in a truck, filled with lots of dogs. It seems that this dog felt like it’s the rescue, he felt safe, and that’s when this moment was captured.

On this day, more than 400 dogs were rescued and saved from this horrible festival, including that beautiful dog who shook his paws with his the rescuer, it was a “thank you” hand shake. The dogs went then to the shelters in China to find them amazing loving homes.

I would just like to clarify that this is absolutely horrendous, China simply disgusts me. I sincerely hope that this festival will be stopped, these pets do not deserve this; no animal on this earth deserves this. But now you can help us get this viral; this needs to stop as fast as possible, you can help this stop by signing this petition to stop the horrible Yulin meat festival.

It’s amazing to see that this story is having a happy ending; it’s amazing to see dogs saved from the horrible Yulin festival. Share this now with your family and friends.