A dog was allergic to human dander, see his recovery and his weird allergy.


We’ve all heard about humans being allergic to dogs, but dogs allergic to humans? It’s crazy, and it’s true.

Say hi to Adam, this dog was rescued in July 2014, and when he was found, he was missing patches of fur on his skin, and for a long while, vets have tried to know what really was wrong with him. But when it was discovered, it was truly unbelievable. Adam the dog was allergic to human dander.


Adam was suffering badly, but thankfully, as soon as they knew their condition, things started to get better.


Adam started a treatment with blood serum created especially for him, and the vets hoped that it will help his body tolerate the human dander allergy. Thankfully, the medications kicked in, but Adam still is taking lots of medications, he has to take a bath every three days with a different type of soap every time. Adam the dog now lives with a staff member from the medical center, Beth Weber. Now, after a year since Adam was rescued, he is getting much better. He had been through a lot, but thankfully, his condition is definitely improving his progress is amazing. Despite coming this close to euthanizing Adam for his bad condition, he is now a very friendly dog, playful, and he just loves life.


The dog’s allergy was unique, and it was a challenge, but thankfully, his rescuers did the best they could, and Adam was in safe hands, and he is now in safe hands, and he finally has a normal life, one that he deserves. Staff members from Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue, the place Adam has been staying in, say that he loves fooling around and he likes playing with everyone.

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