A dog was found by a hot air balloon pilot, a touching rescue story.


We simply live in a cruel world. A cruel world full of inhumane people, who can, without guilt, could leave a dog behind. They even have the gut to abuse them, or even worse, fire at them with a gun. This is what happened here. It was Valentine’s Day in Tonopah, Arizona, and everyone was having fun on a ride on a hot air balloon. While landing, the pilot, whose name is Jason Elkins, he noticed a poor, hungry, and abandoned dog, who came to them running, and that also had a really bad injury in his belly. He looked in so much pain. Jason fed the dog, and tried to search for an owner, but it was hopeless. So it was decided that Jason will take the dog with him, he says that he couldn’t have just left the dog out there. He is really humane and noble, isn’t he? He named the dog Chase; hence he chased the air balloon. When Chase was taken to a vet, veterinarians believe that his wound may have been caused by several shots from a high-powered BB gun. How awful is that? The thought brings tears to my eyes, people are simply sick. But thankfully, Jason Elkins was there to save the dog, and the dog is alive because of Jason. Chase might need to have a surgery, so, I hope he gets well soon. I sincerely hope that people become more like Jason, because dogs don’t deserve getting treated like that. I hope they find who shot Chase.


We sincerely thank people who dedicate their time saving animals who are abandoned by people who are definitely sick in their minds. I wish the world would start treating pets a little bit better.

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