A dog was left tied up and malnourished, see her rescuer and her happy ending.



This is the story of Dora, the dog that was left alone, tied up, and frightened. It was something usual now to hear stories like this one, but we are also thankful that these people went to rescue her, I’m glad she got rescued and got the life she deserves.


Last year, David Baxter, an AT & T technician, was on a routine call, when he found a severely malnourished, neglected dog. The condition of the dog was horrible, her hind legs were tied up, she was so skinny to the point of death, and she was very scared. She was left in an enclosure that anyone barely visited, it seems that there was also a rope on her front legs, but it wasn’t as tight as the one on her hind legs, and she was able to free herself from it. Her hind legs have the rope tightly around them that it is digging in her skin.


David Baxter just couldn’t leave her like that, and he offered her a bucket of water. At first, the dog wouldn’t let him come close and she was shaking, but when he gave her the water, she allowed him to pet her. David quickly called Animal control, and he also gave her his lunch, a ham and turkey sandwich.

Animal control called Zack Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts rescue group, and they immediately took the dog in, they were specialized in abandoned and neglected dogs, and this dog’s condition was not unusual for them. They named the dog Dora, and began treating her.

Dora, due to her condition, she was not going to be able to live in a foster home, and so she stayed with Zack. After a few months, Dora was improving, and she was definitely a whole new dog, her personality was brighter than ever.


David Baxter, her rescuer, got the chance to see her, and we even have the reunion in the video below! Also, for a happy ending, Dora got a adopted, and now she has a brother, named Dante. She finally got the life she deserved, and she is happier than ever.

We’re so thankful for her rescuer and everyone who helped in recovering Dora!