A dog was lost for 22 months reunites with his owners. Amazing video.

6-8-2014 12-44-50 PM

This is a very touching video of an owner and her dog being reunited after almost two years apart, she was missing since 25th June 2010, and she was 1 year old then. Imagine how could the owner resist being away from her dog for all those months, she said that she brought Lily home in 2009; after waiting for 11 years to own a dog, she fulfilled her  wish, and Lilly became a part that completed the happiness of the family. Sadly, she was lost on the day before her birthday, and it felt as if she just vanished, no signs of her, no one could find her. The family was so broken for her loss, yet searching everywhere in all the newspapers with a slight hope. On April 17th, they got a call that Lily was finally found, the microchip technology helped in that. The reunion was very heartwarming; her wagging tail said it all. You can see how the family had missed the dog and how happy the dog was to see the family.  She ran around excitedly when she saw the children.  It must have been distressing to the family to have lost the little dog.   Fortunately, they never gave up hope for her return.  I am so glad they had a microchip in place with their information. In the end of the video she thanks every one helped her till she found Lily, especially those who brought her home. Watch this amazing video of a dog that was lost for 22 months and is reunited with her owners.