a dog was stuck in the icy water, but thankfully the rescue was there

a dog was stuck in the icy water, but thankfully the rescue was there

Watching a rescue videos is heartwarming because you know that in the end they are saved, but it’s hard to watch them in their pain, you first start to think how they resist all the pain and difficulties they faced, or what if it was your dog in the same situation, or how this dog reached this level of danger, how he got into this! This is the questions that I was thinking about when I first watched this video.

In Poland, this dog was playing around in the snow, as we know, this snowy weather is the best for our dogs, but this dog wasn’t lucky enough, it seems that the thin ice was covered by snow, the dog didn’t recognize it, or maybe he did but thought that it’s safe. Accidently the dog fell down into the icy water, it’s painful to withstand it, but the rescue was there to help him out. The painful barks of this dog really ripped my heart. The dog did his best to keep his head above the ice, the biggest fear in this moment was that the dog’s strength would fade and he’d drown, but thankfully he was strong enough. The firefighters worked quickly but also carefully to save the stuck dog. They got a ladder on the ice, and then they used a tool that looks like a hook so they caught the dog’s collar by it. People who were watching up from the bridge were holding their breath. Thankfully the rescuers saved the dog and it was easy to catch him, that’s what I call, a 90 seconds rescue.


We are thankful for those firefighters who did their best in saving this dog’s live, they are the real heroes. Watch this amazing rescue, and please don’t forget to share this video with your family and friends.