A dog was trapped in an animal trap! What happened next changed his life forever!

2-11-2015 12-05-23 AM

It’s an amazing story of rescue, it’s heartbreaking but the end is very heartwarming. As usual, Animal Aid India leads a rescue mission, they become more and more popular every day, and it was not only for their amazing rescue missions that they did. It was also for what after the rescue, they give the dogs endless love, and they are also rescuing the very horrific cases that no one will try to come closer to it, like this dog.

Animal’s Aid India received a report about a stray dog whose paw was trapped in an animal trap. When the rescue team has reached the location of the dog, he started to run, the dog was very scared, he tried to hide, but the rescuers didn’t want to lose their chance to rescue him. One of the rescuers used a net to catch the dog and he did it successfully.


They took the dog immediately to their vet, sadly they found that his paw was totally destroyed, they found that the dog needs to be amputated. Thankfully, the dog healed gradually, he learned how to walk with only three legs. Now this amazing dog is living peacefully in the shelter, waiting for someone loving to adopt and offer him endless love and a safe forever home. You can see the dog playing normally and enjoying his life without pain, we are very thankful for the amazing team.

2-11-2015 12-07-15 AM

The video was uploaded and created by Animal’s Aid India, which is one of the most leading centers for animals rescue in India; they are helping and rescuing more than 4000 animal per year. Watch the amazing rescue of this dog whose his leg stuck in that animal trap, you too can help them; it will be amazing if you share this amazing story.