A Duck Goes To A Pub, Drinks Beer, Gets Into A Fight With A Dog, Loses, Yet His Bow-tie Remains


Sadly, we bring you some bad news. Britain’s local celebrity, Star the duck, has been seriously injured after he got into a fight with a dog. Who is Star the well-known duck, you might ask? Star is known to frequent pubs, his owner is Barrie Hayman; the duck even has his own stool in some pubs.

It’s like a fiction story. A duck gets drunk, gets into a fight with a dog, loses the fight, yet his bow-tie perfectly remains. Unfortunately, though, it’s true. After a session in his favorite boozer, The Old Courthouse Inn, Star the duck got into a fight with a dog when he got home. Turns out, the dog he got into a fight with, is Meggie, the dog of Star’s owner. After the fight, the duck was quickly rushed to the hospital, with a split down the middle of his bottom beak.


As their owner told the story, he said that Star pushed Meggie too far on the edge, and Meggie snapped, splitting Star’s bottom right beak down to the middle. They were all scared, and the fight was not nice at all. They rushed him to the vet, and he had to go under anaesthetic, which is always risky and not safe. However, thankfully, Star is a tough one, he is really strong and he came out okay.

Star was well enough to go out today for a walk, and his owner discovered that rumors flew that Duck was arrested. But oh well, that’s what people do. Also good news is, when they had gotten home after the whole incident, Meggie and Star made up like good friends.


It was a stupid fight, and Star apologized by standing on her back, and sleeping on her tail. Meggie is now muzzled in order to prevent any fights.

Great friends, aren’t they?