A Facebook Post Saved The Life Of This Dog Who Was Left In A Tied Plastic Bag


This is what we call the power of social media, a post on Facebook or twitter can change the life of a human or even a dog. Simply, no one can underestimate the power of social media in rescuing and saving animals’ life. In the last years, social media helped so many animal lovers to help abused animals, and this is one of the best stories.


It all started in the city of Rondon, in Brazil, when a volunteer in the Brazilian Rescue group had posted a photo of a dog in the group’s page. The dog was in a very shocking situation, it was a photo of a puppy that was abandoned and in a helpless need for help. The dog was thrown in a ravine inside a plastic bag, whoever did this to that dog is someone who is heartless and inhumane. The rescuers agreed that it’s too hard for a dog to access places like this, so they are sure that there is someone who is responsible for the presence of this dog.


The rescuers also agreed that this place is very hard to access to, so they knew that it’s a hard mission.

People started to comment on the photo of the dog, they all wanted to help, all wanted to save the life of this dog. But someone who was already working near the place that the dog was found in was there to help. CláuciaJackline de Oliveira went to the location of the dog, she climbed into the ravine and brought the dog out, and thankfully the dog was safe. After only an hour and half from the Facebook post, the dog was rescued.


Thankfully, the dog was in good health, they started to search for a home, and after an hour, they posted on the Facebook page that the dog has finally found a forever home. Social media is definitely awesome!