A False Killer Whale Performs An Impressive Dance Moves

Have you ever seen a false killer whale in person? If you have not, then you might have heard of his relative the killer whale, which is also known as the orca. This marine mammal is actually the third largest family member of oceanic dolphins.

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I have read a little about this marine species, but I have never known they love music. When a Canadian family was visiting the Vancouver Aquarium recently, they had the chance to realize this interesting face about the false killer whale. They could not help but stop to watch what a particular whale was exhibiting.

In the video below, you can see how the whale keeps an eye on the visitors. When the woman presses a little brown music box to the glass, the whale begins reacting adorable!

Actually, I do not suggest anyone do this as most zoos and aquariums do not permit touching the glass, but this whale’s reaction is worth watching.

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As the woman turns on the music box, a soft tone begins to play. Then, the whale starts swimming with the music, just in time! It is incredible to watch this adorable giant creature dancing to the very sweet lullaby.

Of course, it is amazing to discover a side of a creature that we do not usually see, especially marine creatures like this beautiful false killer whale or this dolphin giving birth to her calf right in front of aquarium’s visitors.

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