A Father Suspects His A-Student Daughter And When The Dog Sniffs Her Room, He Is Sure

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A New Albany, IN, father lived his worst nightmares when he began to notice his daughter obvious change in behavior. His daughter is a straight A student, but he trusted his feelings and instincts and knew there was something wrong going on with her.

 “I started smelling the smell of pot in my house and I didn’t want to just go through routing for her room, tearing it apart, and just losing my cool about it,” the father, who chose to remain anonymous, told WHAS 11. “I noticed her behavior started changing a little bit and I was worried.”

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The father decided to know exactly what was going on with his daughter, so he called the Last Chance which is a program that provides unnamed K9 services that allow families to heal instead of criminalizing them.

The way how the program works is that a family member will call the organization and they will bring a well-trained K9 to the house to sniff out the place. Whatever illegal substances the K-9 finds will be given to the police, but the families will remain anonymous and out of the system.

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This program allows the families to deal with any drug issues that face their people. The father was right because the K9 discovered a hidden stash of marijuana.

Thanks to The Last Chance, this father can find help for his daughter! Thanks to this program, the father could get help for his daughter instead of watching her behind the bars.