A few abandoned dogs got lucky! Watch the video now!

4-7-2015 10-14-41 PM

Stray dogs face a lot of things; they face loneliness, and danger. Facing loneliness, they find that there is no one to take care of them, no one to pet or love them, and it hurts a lot. Feeling abandoned is a feeling humans hate to feel, same goes to dogs. They face a lot of danger, car accidents, or dog fights. They also face cruel people, how someone can easily push them out of the way but hitting them with their leg, or just throwing something at them. People don’t realize that dogs have feelings, and it should hurt you if you did something cruel to a dog.

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Our streets are full of stray dogs, abandoned and in need for love, waiting for the day when they get the life they always dream of and a dream that is so simple, their dream is to live with a loving owner, and to be cared for. How simple is that? However, dreams do come true.
Here in this video, you will see the abandoned dogs scared, and sleeping in the streets alone waiting for a second chance. You can see how knotted their fur is, and how tired they look. You can see a dog that seems to be sleeping surrounded by garbage, and it hurts so much to see such loyal dogs living the life they don’t deserve, just because some people are as cruel as ever.
However, there are people who are dedicating their lives to save these amazing creatures, like Hope for Paws and the Aspca are bringing help to these dogs, and it’s amazing. They provided these homeless dogs a medicated bath, and a loving touch. These small things mean a lot to these dogs, more than we can imagine.

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I really hope that one day we get to see the streets with no dogs, and we get to see the dogs that were once abandoned, living the life they always deserved. And we wholeheartedly thank the two organizations who helped in making these dogs’ dreams come true, we owe you a lot.
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