A fisherman found an eagle drowning in the sea, so he did the UNTHINKABLE to save him.

A fisherman found an eagle drowning in the sea, so he did the UNTHINKABLE to save him.

It’s very heartwarming to see humane people, who are saving animals, and this man is a hero; he did his best to save a drowning eagle. This fisherman is always going on fishing trips on his boat in Nanoose Bay in British Columbia, Canada. As usual, he uses his net to catch different kinds of fish, but on one day, something unexpected happened, and it was really surprising. While he was on the boat on his way back to the shore, he saw a young bald eagle in the middle of the sea drowning and fighting to stay above the water. When the eagle saw the boat, he started to swimming towards it, he was very weak, he was too weak to swim, and it seems that he had been in the water for quite a lot of time, but the eagle saw that this boat was the only way to survive.

The man caught it and he let the eagle on the boat that swam over to his boat asking for help. When the eagle stayed on the boat for a while, the fisherman started to notice that the eagle was sick, he noticed that the eagle couldn’t fly or lift the wings any higher, so the fisherman rushed to call the Wild A.I.D who came immediately to pick the eagle, this fisherman is very kindhearted, what he did was the most right thing. Later, the eagle was transported to the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society in Delta, B.C. for a medical check and for recovery till he became healthy enough to return back to the wild.

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This fisherman is very kind hearted, and I am sure that deep inside the eagle, he wants to thank that man who saved his life. Watch this story and share it with your family and friends.