A funny dog exercising only on areas with problems on treadmill! It’s HILARIOUS!

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Maybe it’s the funniest and most adorable video that you could ever see. I can’t stop laughing at this video. This video made my jaw drop 10 feet to the ground; it seems that it’s the exercising time for this cute dog. Ok, let’s be honest first, this adorable little dog just discovered a way to expend half the energy during his workout and at the same time, focusing on the area with problems on his body. Oh yeah, he is a very smart dog, isn’t he? He discovered a very smart way to cheat on a treadmill and also exercising specified parts, he is only exercising his back legs. Thank you America’s Funniest Home Videos for giving us the most adorable and funny dogs’ videos ever.

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It’s important to exercise your dog, for the healthy reasons and to avoid them getting over weight. It becomes a little bit harder in winter so we are going to tell you some tips that will help you exercise your dog simply in winter. Play a game with your dog, like hide and seek, it’s a good game that will help your dog move more, you can hide some treats or your dog’s favorite toy. Some treadmill exercises are ok or indoor walks especially when it’s very cold out there. Don’t let the cold weather prevent you from going out for outdoor walks in winter, dogs love snow, they love to play in it, they must stay about 30 to 40 minutes playing in snow, it will leave their muscles toned.

I think that dogs turn out to be very funny while they are exercising on the treadmill. Watch this video and see what this little puppy did when he joined the big dog on the treadmill, it’s totally hilarious.

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