A golden retriever dog is scared from a Godzilla toy! See how he escaped.

A golden retriever dog is scared from a Godzilla toy! See how he escaped.

First, it’s something that we hope you won’t try with your dog, because scaring our pets to make fun of them or to laugh at their reaction is a very mean thing. Despite the fact that the video was uploaded by “American funniest home videos” or that half the viewers on YouTube think it’s a funny video and it made their day much better. Actually what is really amazing about this video is how the golden retriever dog reacted in the end, he is so smart.

This golden retriever dog is facing a Godzilla toy, but it’s a monster for him. The owner of this golden retriever dog had planned on bringing a Godzilla toy, and put it in front of his golden retriever dog in the bathroom. The golden retriever dog seemed to be really scared from it. The golden retriever dog started thinking about a suitable way to escape; he didn’t find a place to hide but the bath tub. Then his owner decided to complete the game, he controlled the Godzilla toy to walk to the bath tub. The golden retriever dog did the smartest thing ever; he escaped from the other side of the bath tub in a very funny way. Clever doggie, I wish that the owner of this golden retriever dog had stopped at this point.

It’s not a funny thing at all to scare your dog under any circumstances, especially when it’s for funny reasons. Dogs are like babies, when you scare a baby with something, it will turn to phobia if you repeated it, so it’s same for your dog.

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