A Golden Retriever retrieves her favorite Teddy Bear after her owner washed it.

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Every dog owner knows their pet has that one favorite toy which they can’t be separated from. They also know that such favorite teddy bears need to be washed every now and then because they get fibrous.

“Our Golden Retriever is besotted with her teddy bear,” owner writes. “We setup a little sting operation to see if we could catch her on camera stealing it out of the washing machine…” the owner wanted to see her Golden Retriever’s reaction to the teddy bear disappearance.

She put a camera in the washer and filmed one of the most cutest things ever! The hidden camera catches the sneaky Golden Retriever stealing her favorite teddy bear. With a wagging tail, she sticks her head in and grabs it with her teeth.

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The video shows the Golden Retriever going straight for her favorite teddy bear and scoops it out.  She can’t bear being without her teddy bear.

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Golden Retrievers are amazing companions, they are sweet, smart, loyal, and even-tempered.  This makes them the perfect family dogs. This Golden Retriever, shown in the video, diffidently lives up to her name, she retrieved her cherished teddy bear.

The Golden Retriever was like a rescuer, she saved the teddy bear from the washing machine and now, it’s in her caring paws. Now the concerned loving dog can rest after her search. This video shows how attached she is to the teddy, and I guess her teddy bear won’t be going into the washing machine any time soon!