A groomer caught on camera abusing a dog, but things ended as it supposed to be.

3-28-2015 6-11-56 PM

When a costumer was going to the Petco store to groom her pet, she didn’t expect to see this, she was totally shocked by what she witnessed one of the employees doing. Luckily, the grooming shop has a front glass, so anyone from the street can watch from the outside, so she saw one of the workers treating a dog very toughly while he was cutting the dog’s nails, and when the dog pulled his paw away, the groomer grabbed it back toughly and yanked on it. So when she saw the groomer getting tougher, she recorded him instantly with her smart phone. But the groomer didn’t stop at this point, he tugged on the dog’s leg and he yelped on it, so she didn’t accept to stand there watching. She stopped recording and entered the shop to stop him. The costumer was Hanna Pellissier, she is one of those who have history of caring for abused animals.


She entered there and told the cashier and talked to the store manager, but as she said, she didn’t see anger in his eyes. So when she turned back home and uploaded the video, the video went viral with thousands of shares and comments.

Thankfully, within days, the Petco store contacted with the dog’s owner and checked on the dog’s health and to also check about the truth of the video. They also released a statement saying that they care for the pets’ health and their safety in the first place.

And about the employee, he was fired and stopped working in Petco stores. It’s amazing what Hanna did, without her efforts, this man would still be working in the store till now, treating dogs with that horrible way.

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