A guy tricked more than a hundred thousand of people!

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Roseman wrote down the photo that this poor dog’s face has badly burnt during the brave dog attempt to save his family from a house fire. In the caption, Roseman motivated people to like and share the poor dog’s photo as prayers. Sympathizing people kept sharing the photo, they wrote comments such as “poor baby”, “heal him in Jesus name”, or “OMG bless its heart. So sad. Please pray for this dog”


Although more and more people still sharing the “poor” dog’s photo, some people began to discover that this could be a joke! If you look again to the photo very closely, you can realize that this dog is not actually of a brave dog with a burned face, it is a photo of a brave dog trying not to eat that big piece of ham covering his face!


During the last two days, more people begin to notice that this is just a dog with a slice of ham covering his face. However, it still unclear to more other people who are sharing that it is really a joke, many are just continuing to share the “brave burned dog’s photo”


While some people did not figure out it was really a joke, some others definitely did not like it at all. Some people comments to the photo showed that they are not amused by the joke, and, moreover, some expressed that they are really annoyed; someone even wanted to beat Stephen for this!


Please Share this revealing of the joke, may be Stephen post stops going viral!

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