A heart shock video, it was a deadly attack, till this dog appeared for the rescue.


Dogs are very loyal and heroic, even when they are with each other. Don’t miss this video, you will miss it. It all happened so quickly; these 26 seconds have an amazing story. Trixxie is a very small black breed of a dog.  She is out in the driveway when a coyote came along and pulled her away.  The next thing you see is Happy, a much larger dog; it’s the neighbor’s dog, coming to Trixxie’s rescue.  Happy has a short confrontation with the coyote that it eventually lets Trixxie go free.  Happy then chases the coyote around and away from their home.  What an incredibly brave and heroic dog Happy is!  The owner said that there is no coyotes lived in the area, and also she said that this happened in 7 am at the morning. Watch to see the event unfold.


This amazing video was uploaded on YouTube and gained a huge success, the video was shared on social media websites and pets’ blogs, and its views reached about 6 million views with lots of reviews and comments. So don’t forget to share the video with your family and friends, let them see the most amazing rescue ever.

Coyotes are look-alikes for wolves, they live in North America, their normal weight starts from 6 kilos to 21 kilos, but in birth they just weigh 0.25 kilos, so tiny! The coyote pups just depend on milk when they are born, and when they become older they depend on hunting to feed.