A Heartbreaking Goodbye To Dog Who Was Loved By Popular Rescuer


Janice Wolf , the founder of the Rocky Ridge Refuge Animal Sanctuary in Arkansas, is heartbroken and devastated after the unexpected and painful loss of a dog who was very special to her. Thousands of people who are followers of the Rocky Ridge Refuge Facebook page know how much Janice adored her beloved dog, Butterbean.

Those people share their sympathy and sadness with Janice. They are grieved after she said the heartbreaking news of Butterbean shocking death.


An inkling of Butterbean’s dire situation was announced on Friday to Rocky Ridge Refuge Facebook followers, “My Butterbean is very sick. Yesterday she went to vet for a tooth extraction. While under anesthesia, she vomited a liquid that she manged to aspirate into her lungs somehow and has been severely ill since.”

By Saturday morning, a statement was made that the unexpected shocking death of Butterbean. Janice’s friend, Missy Spurling, said the following announcement:

Dear Friends…we are in shock…our Butterbean is gone. Although this hurts all of our hearts, Janice’s heart is broken…Butterbean was a very special companion and favorite mascot of Rocky Ridge Refuge.”


Butterbean was extremely extraordinary dog for Janice’s heart. She will miss him and he would never be forgotten.

He was such a special dog and everyone who followed the Rocky Ridge Refuge Facebook page will miss him.

Rest in peace, sweet Butterbean!

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via examiner.com