A Heartbreaking little shelter dog cried tears of loneliness and misery.


Have you ever seen a tearful dog? Seeing a crying dog is heartbreaking, you think about what happened to this poor soul that led it to cry? This beautiful yet desperate little dog is standing there behind the bars, staring at the camera and crying. She looks like she is begging, she is like begging the photographer to let her out of that cage she is in at the animal shelter, all what she needs is to be rescued.

Volunteers and shelter staff described the dog as the loving and friendly one, but she is located at the City of Portales Animal Shelter, she is dragged into the to be euthanized list within two days if she was not adopted, she wants to live this happy life, she doesn’t want to die, all what this dog wants is a forever home and a loving owner. The High Plains Humane Society were there to take photos of the remaining pets who are not adopted, to give them more chances to find their owners, the photos of the dogs will be published at the Portales City Animal Shelter.

So it’s your turn to save more dogs like this tearful dog and give them a second chance at life instead of getting euthanized. To adopt a dog, you can call Portales Animal Control at (575) 356-4404from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


As for this crying desperate dog, the shelter finally announced that the dog was adopted, once the photo of her was published, the phone didn’t stop ringing. Thankfully, and finally, she got the second chance of life.

All what you have to do now is help a dog in need, also by sharing this link you would help more dogs to find their forever homes after all what they had been through, they deserve it.

Thanks to Portales Animal Shelter.