A homeless man decided to go across the country for the dogs he rescued, WOW!


It’s amazing how some people dedicate their lives for dogs. They would do anything for them, and we and the dogs are very thankful for those people, the world is so much better with them. It’s even more amazing when the person who is helping the dogs don’t have much, but they don’t mind giving the dogs their food and water, for they know that they will receive protection and love and that is all what a person needs to live.


Meet Steve, the homeless man who is rescued 11 stray dogs, and wanted to do nothing with them but save them. Steve decided to make a trip from the West Coast to middle America with a bike and a cart.

He had 11 stray dogs in the cart, and all what he wanted was to bring the dogs from California to Indiana.

He was the one who rescued the 11 stray dogs, and they just mean everything to him.


When a woman saw his cart and what was inside of it, she got curious and asked about what he is doing.

When she knew his story, she asked for permission to post it online, little did he know that his life would be changed forever.

Many organizations have offered hotels and transportation for Steve and his pups, but the serious and most important question here is, what was the reason behind all of this?


Steve’s friend who lives in Indiana is willing to help Steve with the stray dogs.

Steve will receive assistance with medical care for all of his lovely dogs.


Now for the best part, all the dogs will receive the care they need while staying with their rescuer! I’m so happy that the family gets to live together, forever! What an amazing story, this man and these dogs are the luckiest.