A Homeless Man In India Did The Unthinkable For His Dog Pets, It’s Magical!

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No one understands the meaning of being really “Hungry” except those who had been in the situation, those who stayed without food or water for days,these are the ones who know how painful it is.

For those who tell us to put human’s priority first before animals, this man proved that those who are in helpless need for money and food, are the one who put the stray dogs as priorities above their own, what this stray Indian man did is something unbelievable, it will make your eyes full of tears because of how human he is.

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Despite how poor he is, despite that he is sleeping on the streets, despite that he has no income and no food, all what he is doing is bringing food to stray dogs that he called his pets.Kamala LochanBaliarsingh is the name, he is living in the streets for 30 years, he is homeless, his life is a struggle, he is struggling to live, despite the fact that he has no income, but all what he thinks about is to feed his pet dogs, he goes to the train station daily after collecting plastic bottles, and he collects the leftover food that he finds there, and bring it to his dogs. When he was asked how many dogs that he has, he answered about 6 dogs.

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He left his family for some personal reasons, he has a son and a daughter who never tries to ask about him. He found that dogs are more loyal and loving than humans, so he puts them above everything, even if he stayed without food, he won’t ever let his dogs stay hungry.

The title of the documentary is very accurate; he is the “Man Of God”. Share this video now with your family and friends.